Inspired by: Matt Armendariz

While I’ve been writing and reading blogs for the past 5ish years now I’m still pretty new to the world of food blogging. So when I came across Matt Bites by Matt Armendariz, who has been cooking up delicious things and writing about it since 2005 I realized just how late to the game I might be. His blog, photographs and enthusiasm for all things food & photography are truly inspiring.

After peeling through his blog and extensive press and features resume I took a look at his photography website and was even further impressed. His use of color, sometimes vibrant and sometimes muted and subtle immediately shines in each image. The compositions and arrangements of foods and accessories is balanced and energetic.

Most of the time I feel like I’ve just sat down to the table with family and friends to enjoy an extraordinary meal through his photographs. With a background in graphic design and art direction and a long history in the food industry, it’s no wonder Matt has such an eye for elegant culinary images. His images show that it’s about the food, but not just about the food. It’s about the atmosphere and the people whom this food is for. Who made it? Why was it made? Where will it be eaten? Is it a joyous occasion? Is it an everyday cup of tea? What type of food is it? Rustic? Fresh? Light? Hearty?

Images these good almost make me feel like I’ve already eaten whatever it is in front of me – and it was DELICIOUS. Now that’s inspiring.

All images copyright Matt Armendariz. 


2 responses to “Inspired by: Matt Armendariz

  1. Jenny, this is such an honor and I’m flattered beyond belief! Thank you so so so very much for this feature!

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