Jenny began her pastry career in 2009 when she went to work as an intern in a tiny pink bakery in Philadelphia. She fell so in love with it that she decided to go back to school at the Art Institute of Philadelphia for a diploma in Baking and Pastry while working in 2010.

Formally trained in Architecture at Philadelphia University where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree, Jenny realized her love for details, design and getting her hands dirty to create something new would come in handy in the kitchen. Baking has proven to be both an art and (sweet) science.

In 2011 Jenny moved to Connecticut to further her passion for pastries, and  pursue her dream of working in New York City. When not serving up pastries and desserts for a beautifully tasty midtown restaurant, she’s likely to be testing out new recipes at home, or making something sweet for friends and family.


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  1. i admire your courage for giving up architecture for the love of baking! I wish someday I can make the time or muster up the balls to give up the T-square and go for pastry-school.

    Killer plaid shirt apart, I must say that your blog is delightful!

  2. jenny i love you that picture is gorgeous im so proud of you and i know that you are gonna go so far in your career and love path
    love katy

  3. I loved your wonderfully photographed foods that were so well detailed. I can’t wait for them to come back again 🙂

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