This Cheese Stinks. (and rocks.)

I haven’t always been devoted to the pastry arts. There’s a chance I wouldn’t be as enthusiastic about delicious foods at all if it weren’t for dairy, which is essentially my first love. Milk, cheese, more cheese. I’m not especially picky, I’ll try any kind of cheese no matter how pungent or generic it is although I’ll probably reach for the runny triple cream more often than not. So whenever I’m walking through Whole Foods or Murray’s in Grand Central there’s a good chance I’m picking up some cheese.

Now this cheese… tastes like barbeque.

I’m totally not kidding. This is the “Harbison”, a cow’s milk cheese by Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm in Greensboro, VT. Upon unwrapping it, the cheese had a very strong ripe and earthy scent. Admittedly, it’s not my favorite kind of cheese usually, but like I said, I’ll try anything. After cutting into the round the delicious insides nearly oozed out, how could I resist that? I slathered a little on a pita chip cracker and was surprised and delighted. It tastes like barbeque!!! Smoky and woody, with earthy flavors and ultra creaminess to boot. Of course, the flavor is no doubt derived partially from the spruce bark wrapped around the cheese, cut from the Jasper Hill grounds. This cheese isn’t dainty, and feels just right for these chilly winter nights.

I feel like it’s also a beer drinking kind of cheese. I’d pair it with the Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout for a rich wintery indulgence, or a Thomas Hooker Nor’Easter Winter Lager to accent its woodland aromas and keep the mouth feeling crisp.

This winter isn’t just for hibernation and cheese eating though. After thinking through a couple of typical new year’s resolutions (eat better, keep my house clean, save money, etc) I settled on the resolution to eat more DELICIOUS food, push myself to experiment with cooking new things, and to take more photographs of it all. Life has changed a lot in the past three months since I dedicated my time here, but all in wonderful ways. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with it and hopefully making some images and dishes that are truly inspired. Happy New Year!


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